Coach the coach (4 x 0,5 days)

WHY - Guarantee the quality of sustainable collaboration
HOW - Combine tools and techniques with consciousness and ownership
Hereunder is the description of the 2 day workshop to boost your project or team


We encourage teams to bring their own project or idea to work on during the workshops

Session 1

During session 1 we will

  • Evaluate the coaching knowledge of the participants

  • Discuss our past coaching experiences (as coach or coachee)

  • Discover what coaching is and define our own view upon it

  • Discover our communication style

Session 2

During session 2 we will

  • Discover why someone might be inspiring and why not

  • Get to know and understand our preferences and allergies

  • Understand why coaching is so necessary

Session 3

During session 3 we will

  • Link coaching to our roles in the organization

  • Evaluate the current situation

  • Discover the attitudes and behaviours of a coach

  • Understand the expectations of the coaching activities

  • Focus on the value for the coachees

Session 4

During session 4 we will

  • Discover the difference between a coach, a mentor and an expert

  • Understand that coaching starts with yourself

  • Discovery the link between coaching and communication

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The coach the coach journey is based on a variety of coaching basics where onlyrelevant elements for the participants are introduced following the needs of themoment.

The sessions are based on the theories of Johari, Leary, Insight, GROW, will-skill,nonviolent communication.


What makes this track so different?


Learn by doing, not only by listening in a classroomFocus on the mind-shift towards ownership and leadershipBy using real use cases, this turns into productive days preparing theparticipants for their coaching activities.


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