Feedback to feedforward (4 x 0,5 days)

WHY - Guarantee the quality of sustainable collaboration
HOW - Combine tools and techniques with consciousness and ownership
Hereunder is the description of the 2 day workshop to boost your project or team


We encourage teams to bring their own project or idea to work on during the workshops

Session 1


During session 1 we will

  • Work with the Insights Discovery team wheel

  • Understand each other's drives, strengths and capabilities

  • Learn by doing, with our first exercises

Session 2


During session 2 we will

  • Evaluate the learnings from session 1

  • Develop knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of each person in the team

  • Learn by doing

Session 3


During session 3 we will

  • Evaluate the learnings from session 2

  • Learn about team dynamics & the Lencioni model

  • Learn by doing

Session 4


During session 4 we will

  • Evaluate the learnings from session 3

  • Find out what the difference is between feedback and feedforward based
    on nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg

  • Learn by doing

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The “Feedback to Feedforward” journey is built up in the form of several workshops. Participants learn new ideas and enjoy new insights. Unlike in traditional trainings we don’t see the theoretical concepts as an end point but rather as a first increment in further exploring the feedback journey within your own work or organization.

What makes this track so different?

  • Learn by doing, not only by listening in a classroom

  • Focus on the mind-shift towards ownership

  • By using real use cases, this turns into productive days preparing the team to continue the real work.


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