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Services for

Family Portrait

Families, couples, personal coaching

Female Lecturer

Trainers, coaches, nvc candidates

Business Meeting

Organisations, teams, leaders

Family at Home
Family at Home

Families, couples, personal coaching

  • Personal coaching

  • Family counseling

  • Partnership journeys

  • Exploring conflicts

  • Moms' connecting communication journeys

  • School counceling in NVC

  • Insights Discovery

  • NLP problem solving

Public Speaker

Trainers, coaches,
NVC certification candidates

  • From trainer to coach journeys

  • Coach the coach journeys

  • NVC certification candidates mentoring

  • NVC deepening journeys

  • Public speaking

  • Deal with stress

  • Deal with time & priority

Business People Applauding

Organisations, teams, leaders

  • Top level executive coaching

  • Leadership journeys

  • Coach the coach journeys

  • Team dynamics journeys

  • Feedback culture & structure

  • From self organising to self steering

  • Agile, teal and lean adoption

  • Insights Discovery journeys

  • Progressive organisation support

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