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Prep Your Team (2 days)

WHY - Guarantee the quality of sustainable collaboration
HOW - Combine tools and techniques with consciousness and ownership
Hereunder is the description of the 2 day workshop to boost your project or team


We encourage teams to bring their own project or idea to work on during the workshops

Step 1 : Discover your team balance


First we start by getting to know ourselves better. A questionnaire will be sent upfront to everyone in the team to generate a personal Insights Discovery profile. Insights welcomes you inside, to discover your own, unique potential. To recognize the potential of others. And in the end, to unlock the potential of your organization. We will walk you through the principles of Insights and help you discover your profile and those of your team members in a safe and caring environment.

By the end of step 1 you will have a clear view on your strengths and capabilities as well as these of your team members. This will help us through the rest of the workshop to use those strengths and challenges to boost our team's efficiency.

Step 2 : Define a clear path from goal to deliverables


The second step is focusing on the goal of the team or the project. The "why" if you will. You will learn how to use the impact mapping technique. Impact mapping is a pragmatic planning technique. It prevents teams from getting lost while building products and delivering projects, by clearly communicating assumptions, helping teams align their activities with overall business objectives and make better decisions. This technique is often used in agile business projects and is proven to be very effective.


By the end of step 2 you will have a clear path (a backlog of tasks) from goal to deliverables. The deliverables (or tasks) will be prioritized by the impact they have on the goal, their importance, dependencies and their feasibility.

Step 3 :  Define your team collaboration agreements


The third step, now we know ourselves and each other a bit better and we have a clear path towards our goal, is to get comfortable working together. Looking for the right approach for the work to be done, we will focus on our communication and collaboration. Basic listening, empathy and understanding are wildly underestimated in team-work. We will guide you through the principles and importance of feedback based on nonviolent communication.


By the end of step 3, you will recognize the pitfalls of erroneous communication and start using the words and phrases that create an open and transparent communication where feedback will finally help you towards your team goal.

Step 4 : Reach a pragmatic action plan to start working with


The last step is bringing in the Kaizen principles and the User Story Mapping technique. Kaizen is the Japanese word for "improvement". In business, Kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees. User story mapping is a visual exercise that helps teams define the work that will create the most delightful user or customer experience. It is used to improve teams’ understanding of their customers and to prioritize work. Mixing Kaizen and User Story Mapping will result in an iterative step by step approach towards our goal.

By the end of step 4, those techniques will help the team reach a practical and pragmatic action plan you can start working with the next day.

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The team will go home with:

  • A personal Insights Discovery profile

  • Understanding of each other's drives, strengths and capabilities

  • Tools and techniques reusable for each project

  • A goal, map, priorities, follow-up method and action plan for their current project.


Who is it for?

  • New teams or teams that need to start up

  • New ideas or projects to be started

  • Teams that need a refresh or boost

  • Projects where the way to go forward is not clear (any more)

  • Teams with communication issues or conflicts

  • Teams looking for a "why" in their organization

  • As team-building for already existing teams


What do you bring?

  • Your project, idea, problem…

  • Your goodwill and open mind


We start the boot-camp at a minimum of 4 people. 


Possible for:

  • Companies, departments, teams, project teams

  • Non-profit associations

  • Schools

  • Families

  • Friends


Contact us to register your team

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